Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do's and Don'ts on the first date

 On March 23, we have discussed about relationship related matters. In my group, we have a brainstorming with regard to the question Do's and Don'ts on the first date. There were lots of things to do or not to do in aspect of men and women. 
In our group, questions are about clothes, paying, places, make-ups, restaurant, food, etc. 
I personally think that is solely depending on situation and who's going to be set you up with. In this video,however, they categorize best behaviors on each side of genders and Do's & Don'ts. Also, they mention universal mistake happened on the first date. Watch it before going on a date.
First impression is lasting impression.

I sum things up

1) Be polite
2) Be on time(punctual)
3) Have question in mind
4) Yes! to creative date
5) Dress smart
6) Compliment on her (or him)
7) Soul searching for long-term relationship
8) Do bring small gift(Not fancy)
9) Eye contact (Not too much) Could be smothered
10) Being who you are

1) Put the phone down (Do not phubbing)
2) Don't smell (But, Do not chew gums)
3) In case of Inviting women out to eat, Do not split the bill
4) Don't be used (Do not take somewhere expensive)
5) Don't be fool
6) Don't get drunk
7) No negative zone (be more likely to agree with)
8) No sex talk
9) Don't invite her home


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  1. Wow, this is really interesting!
    I got many information from this video!