Monday, March 23, 2015

Learning new languages is not a big deal..?

Benny Lewis - Fluent in Three Months Rapid Language Hacking

 1. Why is it interesting?

 As for students of BUFS, I think that it is really important to learn new languages not only for major. Students are yearning for new languages. However, I found some people around me are seriously struggling with getting it. In this video, there are several reasons why we are not able to learn it quickly and effectively. I am not a linguist though, I was just looking for some useful video that will have a beneficial influence on learning new languages. Think myself, this is impressive and feasible.

2. Learning Point

 The interesting thing in this video is we have a lot of opportunity to do the follow-suit in University. There are many students who are from different countries. 
 First, Benny(speaker) is emphasizing on speaking it regardless of grammar because grammar might be playing as a barrier to speak. He tried to study Spanish while living in Spain. He studied hard, read a book, and took a class but it didn't work well. Then, he decided to speak it. After couple of months, he could speak Spanish fluently. He thought himself that he was not born with language gene, talented and had a bad memory. Moreover, he heard of people saying 14 years is the cut-off to learn new languages. Nevertheless, things were turned around. By the time he learned how to speak, he studied grammar. It was more interesting and really easy to understand why they(native speaker) speak in the way grammatically. 
The most crucial thing in learning new languages is speaking and repeat it until it stuck in your mind. 

Do not put yourself into grammar box. Put it aside. Otherwise, you cannot speak freely.
Think languages are just tool of communication.
Ignore excuses
Do it, Speak it, Stock it

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