Sunday, April 19, 2015


 I am going to introduce what kind of project I am planning to do for the rest of this semester. Does anyone like Korea baseball league rather than MLB? If yes, you will find a very interesting things in my blog. Korea basball league has 10 teams including KT, a newbie joined in this year. I am really big fan of Korea baseball and love to watch baseball at ballpark. There are lots of crazy fans, cheering so passionately and cheering songs are really crative and fun. That's reason why I like going to ballpark to enjoy a game. Especially, I am NC Dinos's fan because of its hometown as me. So, I am going to blog and report NC's game. Moreover, I will post the top 5 plays from an amazing week such as nice catches, hits, and plays. In case I am in the ballpark, you can hear it right from ballpark such as atmosphere, cheering, and interview of fans. 

lastest team standing updated 04.20.2015

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