Monday, April 27, 2015

Intensive shadow speaking practice

Ted Talk by Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness
How we use material to practice non-native language
This Ted Talk is what I chose to practice as a tool of shadow speaking practice.
I was assigned to do 5 ways of doing this in this week and I tried those 5 methods : Listen/Whisper, Listen/Repeat, Listen/Shadow Read, Listen/Record, Do as I pleased. I believe that the best way I do for this practice is both Listen/Whisper and Listen/Shadow Read. The first time I listen to it and try to copy the way he speaks such as intonation, accent, flow, and rythm. Whisper what he said is good way for the first time. Then, if I get used to his speaking, I do the shadow read way. Record and listen is needed at the end of this stage to get feedback on my own.
In conclusion, I found out myself that it is really interesting and useful way when I want to learn native speaker's pronunciation and flow of speech. Therefore, recommend we keep doing this practice, also, have one native speaker as a target.
As the saying goes, practice makes me perfect.
Sum up
My way to do it :
1) Listen and whisper 
2) Listen and shadow read
3) Record it and Listen it
Source Video : Youtube

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