Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Job Interview

 Currently, this topic is directly correlated to me because I am applying for companies and honestly that is little bit wound up. However, this is really important to be well-prepared prior to interview. I was looking for some videos through YouTube and found this relevant video. In this video, the woman mainly discuss about a common question " Why do you want to work here?" Also, I personally think that this is pretty basic question but crucial, so all the applicants will be asked. Therefore, we need to be ready for it. Otherwise, we won't win a victory in job market. As modern society is becoming increasingly specialized and competitive, today's job markets require job candidates with such a high degree of expertise so that company research is necessary. you can learn how you answer about the interview question and practice a lot.
People say job candidates need to get just one victory no matter how many times they lose. :)

1) Research about company you apply
2) Focus on company itself
3) Focus what you admire company
4) Why do you think you are qualified (My personal tip)

Source YouTube

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